In the beginning…

Thanks for visiting! Check out the JackTrip users forum over on Google Groups for now. We’re working hard on the material for this site but it’s not quite ready yet. Here’s the link to the group.!forum/jacktrip-users

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  1. Hello, I just starting working with JackTrip and took the Kadenze course online. I’m unable to find out how many cities can connect to a single session. I understand the “Trip” in JackTrip stands for triple and was wondering if 3 is the max number of participants?

    If this site is not the correct site to ask this question, if you could send me to the correct place it would be greatly appreciated.

    This looks very promising for our band to rehearse and we are very hopeful.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jack,

      yikes — I forgot that comments were open on this post. Ooops. 🙂

      You’re in the right place, we just haven’t quite caught up with you. There’s a very active JackTrip users group that’s the really right place for now. Here’s the link!forum/jacktrip-users

      Our dream for this site is that it will be the home of all kinds of useful information and downloads about Jacktrip, and there’s a lot of effort right now to make that happen. Mostly inspired by the COVID situation.

      Thanks for dropping by. For all those who follow, I’m going to close comments on this post because I’m just the person tending the site and don’t have much knowledge to share. The Google Group is the place to go for now — lots of great folks there.

      I took that course too. It was great.

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