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JackTrip Developers Network (JTDN) publishes documentation and tutorial code examples for JackTrip, an open source multi-machine audio system and protocol for network music performance over the Internet. JackTrip supports low-latency, multichannel, bidirectional, uncompressed audio signal streaming.

JackTrip is more than an application, it unites a volunteer developer community. First appearing close to its present form in 2004, JackTrip has been majorly improved through the efforts of dozens of individuals. JackTrip is a modern application that runs on a wide array of operating systems and hardware. It is free to download and offers easy installation. Technological discoveries and best practices are openly published for the community.

Together with the application's GitHub repository, JTDN's reference material and starter code provide elements supporting the present and future of JackTrip's ecosystem. Day-to-day, JTDN communication channels are used to coordinate new releases. As a key part of establishing the future, JTDN provides entry points for anyone interested in learning to code and build systems involving high-quality, low-latency network audio. There are folks who are out there who will become passionate about this work and need a place to start. Their creations will be the future of JackTrip. Whether they will extend or replace the present technology, JTDN today is their launch pad.

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