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The Show Must Go On: North Hennepin’s Concert Band Gets Creative During COVID-19, Nov. 20, 2020

Musicians Turn To New Software To Play Together Online

NPR All Things Considered by Marcie Sillman, November 21, 2020.
Whether for work, school or doctor's appointments, almost everyone has used Zoom. But for musicians who want to play together online during the pandemic, the popular conference call platform doesn't cut it. Musicians and scientists on opposite coasts have been trying to find solutions. The eclectic brass quartet T he Westerlies shares its experiences with Audio Movers and Jack Trip software. Read More

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Remote Music Collaboration Online (in real time) is Solvable

November 17, 2020.
Mike Dickey is co-founder and chairman of the JackTrip Foundation and the creator of Virtual Studio.

The awkward and disjointed experience of making music over the internet is a solvable problem. Virtual Studio is a device that works with the open source software application JackTrip to enable musicians of all ages to collaborate across locations online. Listen here.

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Social Distancing For Musicians: A Quick Guide To Low-Latency Audio

By Peter Rosen, KSL TV, November 16, 2020.
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Every April, double bassist Robert Matheson and a colleague put on a concert at Dixie State University where they teach.

This year he realized to play together, they were going to need something new, something that’s now of great interest to everyone from choir directors to music teachers to jazz musicians — a low-latency, high quality audio connection. Read More

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New Tech Makes a Virtual Ensemble Possible

By Paul Kotapish, November 4, 2020.
In early September, we reported on an innovative approach to online music collaboration adopted by the Ragazzi Boys Chorus to allow the organization’s various ensembles to keep rehearsing during the pandemic-mandated limits on gatherings. Ragazzi was the first music group to use “Virtual Studio,” the hardware/software solution developed by the JackTrip Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping musicians collaborate remotely. Read More

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ChorTechs: Real-Time Remote Choral Singing is Possible, October 27, 2020

ABC7 News discusses the power and promise of JackTrip, September 10, 2020

JackTrip Foundation Rolls Out Revolutionary “Virtual Studio” Enabling Groups To Make Music Together Online In Real Time

REDWOOD CITY, CA (8 September 2020)
An innovative new non-profit, JackTrip Foundation,has launched to make virtual music performance feasible and accessible to all. During the Coronavirus pandemic, live performances by singing and music groups have been put on hold while musicians around the world cannot safely perform together. Read More

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Trials & Innovations: Live Music During COVID-19

By Mike Huguenor, September 8, 2020.
Socially distanced shows, live streams, and new tech won't be enough. On a Friday afternoon six months into quarantine, a smoke-pummeled San Francisco tuned into the first, and likely only, Inside Lands festival. Emotions in the attached chat room were high. “Let’s Goooooo,” typed Iamichelle08. Emogerine: “ahhhthis is exciting.” Read More

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CCRMA's Virtual Studio partnership with Ragazzi Boys Chorus

September 2, 2020 San Francisco Classical Voice.
Paul Kotapish, managing editor at San Francisco Classical Voice, has some hopeful news for musicians desperate for opportunities to perform for audiences again in his recent article about how the acclaimed Ragazzi Boys Chorus is using JackTrip, the open-source software created at CCRMA to support high-quality audio network performance over the Internet. Read More

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Ragazzi Boys Chorus Leaps Into the Future With Virtual Studio

By Paul Kotapish September 1, 2020.
As anyone who has participated in a Zoom or Skype meeting since sheltering in place knows all too well, the promise of real-time collaboration via the internet has yet to live up to its potential. Weird lags and gaps in the audio signal — commonly known as “latency” — can make it difficult to carry on a seamless conversation and almost impossible to make music together online. Read More

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Ragazzi Boys Chorus Pioneers Virtual Rehearsal Technology

REDWOOD CITY, CA (25 August 2020)
Ragazzi Boys Chorus is announcing successful testing of an innovative platform that enables real-time remote singing for chorus members. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, the acclaimed chorus is solving the issue that has stymied musical ensembles during the Coronavirus pandemic: singing together while physically apart. Read More

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