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Over 80K Studio Hours Donated!
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Over 80K Studio Hours Donated!
Learn more our future pricing plans
Get started with JackTrip Virtual Studio

Make online experiences more human

JackTrip creates the experience of being together in the same room, even when you are physically hundreds of miles apart. That's why thousands of musicians worldwide use JackTrip every day to rehearse together, perform together, and laugh together.

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High quality, authentic audio

Our ears are far more sensitive than most people realize! The heavily delayed, poor quality audio offered by most technology today leaves us feeling disconnected and fatigued. Collaboration online just doesn't sound real, making most of our online experiences emotionless and disappointing.

JackTrip is different. It was created at Stanford University to connect musicians, the most discerning audiophiles of us all. JackTrip creates an authentic and natural experience by using uncompressed, CD quality audio (48khz, lossless). After all, the real world is in full quality.

Hear everyone, equally

Many technologies optimize audio around a single speaker, making natural group conversations awkward and difficult, and music impossible to perform. Some use a peer-to-peer model, which places an enormous burden on your home Internet connection. Practically speaking, it just doesn't work for more than a few people at a time.

JackTrip Virtual Studio was originally developed to help a boys chorus with over 200 members sing together, from their own homes, during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is regularly being used by groups of over 100, and we've tested it using simulated groups of up to 500. When it comes to scale, we haven't found anything that even comes close.

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Move sound at the speed of light

All sound we hear is delayed. For example, it takes 10 milliseconds to hear the sound from a guitarist standing 10 feet away. Studies have shown that live music requires under 25 milliseconds of delay.

JackTrip transports sound at the speed of light, which travels about 7500 kilometers (4660 miles) in 25 milliseconds. But the Internet isn't quite that efficient, yet. While JackTrip can be used across any distance, musicians have the most success when they are all located within a range of about 1000 kilometers, or 500 miles. Larger distances are possible when they have fiber Internet connections to their homes.

Made possible by cloud computing

JackTrip Virtual Studio uses cloud computing technology to make authentic audio collaboration possible. Our web application makes it easy to design and reserve virtual studio rooms in over 50 locations worldwide. We plan to expand this list to over 100 locations by the end of 2022!

This service is being offered free during our beta testing period, which we expect to last through the end of 2021. Beginning January 1, 2022, we plan to charge using metered, monthly subscription plans that enable you to pay only for the resources that you actually use.

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Buy or build your own JackTrip Bridge device

The audio quality offered by most PCs and mobile devices leaves much to be desired. Typically, these also add 10-20 milliseconds of delay, which places live online performance out of reach for most musicians.

To help groups perform live music during the Coronavirus pandemic, we assembled a JackTrip Analogue Bridge device and accessory kits. This may look like a science project, but it provides excellent quality audio with minimal delay. DIYers ready to participate in the beta can follow these instructions to get started, or contact us for help.

We are working with several well-known audio manufacturers to build JackTrip into future products. Stay tuned for announcements soon!

Sing Gently (SSA) by Eric Whitacre (World Premiere), powered by JackTrip

JackTrip Virtual Studio is a commercial service operated by JackTrip Labs, a Delaware public-benefit corporation spun out from the JackTrip Foundation.